The Boys’ Bedroom

Ta-ta! Finally the boys’ bedroom is all done up. This room has gone through so many transformations since we bought the flat in 2008. It started off as a storeroom when it was just Hubby and me. Then when Kor Kor was five months old, I cleared out the room and moved his cot over, and it has been his bedroom since then. Didi moved in with Kor Kor when he was 18 months old, in anticipation of Meimei’s arrival. (He was previously sleeping in another bedroom which is now Meimei’s bedroom.)

Wow. I didn’t realize the boys have been sharing a room for three years!! Time flies! Haha, anyway, in short I have been shifting the furniture around and adding small pieces of new furniture throughout the past few years. And finally, as Kor Kor is starting primary school and needs a wardrobe with hanging space, we got the boys a new wardrobe. 

There used to be a reading nook which I just did up not too long ago. I liked the reading nook and the idea of having a reading nook. But it’s just a nice thing.. especially since there are many other places for the boys to read anyway! (How about the good, old sofa?? Heehee.) Given the space constraints, I decided on functionality and neatness over loveliness. 

Basic criteria – other than the two beds, there must be sufficient storage space for the boys to keep their personal belongings. I also want them to have a big desk each, for them to do their homework or drawing or whatever they want to do. Often Kor Kor sits at his desk to read too. 


Having their own spaces provides ample opportunities to teach tidiness.


Still much room for improvrment, but at least can see quite a lot of the desk top

This 5 x 5 shelf from IKEA, placed opposite the beds, is a permanent fixture, as it is way too big and heavy for me to shift around! 

The salesperson at the first furniture shop we visited seemed quite incredulous about my preference for a symmetrical wardrobe. But hey, we found it at the second shop we tried – Furniture Mart! 


In addition to the hanging space, each boy gets two drawers – one for clothes and one for their personal stuff.

So, this is where the boys will grow up.. till they move out to their own houses 😊



The World Is Your Oyster

Ever since I saw this wallpaper at Mum in the Making, I have loved it. But it was way too expensive. Then one fine day, I saw that it was on offer at Amazon! $56+ (USD) instead of $149+, 62% off! 

Actually, I ordered it before thinking properly about how to put it up. Then I heard that it would cost $80 (SGD) to get people to come put it up, so I happily waited for my wallpaper to arrive. But when I called the contact, he said it would cost $250! What?!? That would mean more than $300 just for this wallpaper!! No way! So, I put it up myself!


Urmm, I didn’t do it the proper way… Didn’t use the paste that came along with it… Didn’t prime the wall…. Didn’t didn’t didn’t… Didn’t put it all the way up to the ceiling (no New Zealand, oops)… Didn’t cut holes for the socket (there’s only one, which happens to be behind the bed). I only used double-sided tape 😛

For two hours of effort, and zero cost installation, I am mighty pleased with the result! Luckily I am not perfectionist, haha!

And the boys are really impressed! And a perfect coincidence that Kor Kor has been interested in the World Wars recently, so the boys are saying they will look at the map to decide which country to attack next haha.

Sometimes things happen in strange ways. Because of the misinformation about the installation costs, I was able to relax and not worry about putting up the wallpaper. By the time I found out the actual cost, it was too late to worry, so Just Do It! : )