A Week Of Fun!


Monday we went to Labrador Nature Reserve

Tuesday Kor Kor had gym class, so the younger ones waited at the beach

Tuesday Kor Kor had gym class, so the younger ones waited at the beach

After class we went long kang fishing together

After class we went long kang fishing together


Thursday gym class again – time for Didi to practise his pedaling!


Beach again after that!


Friday water playground!

We were at the library on Wednesday, where we just read and read. A fun-filled week with sun, sand, sea, exercise, fresh air, and books – all our favorite things!


Library Manners

The library is really an important part of our lives. You might have realised most of the books in the photos in this blog were from the library. Most of the time I go to the library alone (well, with Meimei in the Manduca) so that I can browse in peace. Yet I do find it important for the children to visit the library often and enjoy the pleasure of selecting the books they want to read.

On one of our recent family outings to the Tampines Regional Library, the boys were running amok in the children’s section. To be fair, it was a very friendly environment, with a train which kids could sit in to read, and big open spaces for running.

I knew that the boys would be more easily convinced by printed material than by us parents (controlling is not the same as convincing), so I looked around for the finger on lip sign. No luck. So I approached a librarian to ask where I could find such signs. To my surprise, she told me that there were no such signs in the children’s section. (I managed to find one in the end though.)

I am not sure what the rules are regarding children’s behavior in the children’s section… or what the social norm is. I had assumed that everyone had to be quiet in the library, whichever section he was. But it seemed like I was wrong. Hmm. Nevertheless I would like my children to try their best to be quiet in the library, time to hit my favorite catalogue again!

Manners Matter In The Library is in comics form and not too wordy, just enough to explain clearly to the reader what good manners are in the library.

Lion in the Library! A very heartwarming story which also effectively brings across the rules to be observed in the library. I heart this book!

Hope our next visit to the library will be more peaceful!




ASK! A Librarian

Did you know the library offers this service?

You can ask any question and the librarian helps you to search for relevant information. I find it very useful for homelearning/homeschooling purposes. Try it!

(You can follow the directions under each picture above, or just click here.)