River Safari

Brought the kids to¬† the River Safari recently. Hmm, I don’t doubt that it is a world-class wildlife park, and I am sure aquatic animals enthusiasts will glean a wealth of info from a visit to the River Safari. But for my trio of young kids, it was a tad boring for them… Disclamer: we didn’t go on the boat ride, so we might have missed the more interesting exhibits. (But we did manage to see all the Main Galleries and Special Exhibits as listed on their website!) Anyway, as I mentioned, 3 young kids…guess the vast majority of four-year-olds won’t be able to meet the 1.06m height requirement for the boat ride.

Must-take photo at the entrance

Must-take photo at the entrance

One of the many many fish tanks...

One of the many many fish tanks…

One of my favorites! Mekong giant catfish and giant freshwater stingrays. We sat here for quite some time admiring the big fish and waving to the stingrays

One of my favorites! Mekong giant catfish and giant freshwater stingrays. We sat here for quite some time admiring the big fish and waving to the stingrays

Actually... is panda river or is it safari???

Actually… is panda river or is it safari???

Very simple animal show

Very simple animal show

I wasn’t expecting the animal show, we happened to be at Amazon Square at the right time (11am!). I can’t find any info on their website though. I am not sure whether it was because we were there on a weekday, the ‘animal show’ was just a zookeeper with three animals (one at a time – monkey, hedgehog, vulture) and another zookeeper as the emcee. The emcee gave a brief introduction for each animal and that was about it, no ‘performance’. The good thing was the children were able to get up quite close to the animals.

Oh ya, I didn’t take any photos due to the dim lighting. But the Amazon Flooded Forest is truly a WOW! But I think my kids couldn’t really appreciate it, oops.

Another good thing is that the River Safari is largely shaded &/or sheltered, so it was a breeze despite being alone with three kids. The exhibits are planned neatly around a loop – one round brings us right back to the entrance/exit.

However, when we ended our visit after one hour plus, I decided to bring the kids to the Zoo to make them happy!


Titans of The Past!

Brought the kids to the Science Street Fair and ended up at the Titans of the Past exhibition cos the boys kept asking to see dinosaurs. Since I did intend to bring them sooner or later, why not sooner!

I must say that I sorta enjoyed the exhibition and the exhibits looked high-quality… even though I didn’t get to look at them properly.. because the boys were so scared and we were almost running through the exhibition! HA HA HA! I guess that speaks volumes for how realistic the dinosaurs were? Hee hee. The dinosaurs were huge, they moved, they roared, they crunched crunched crunched on big bones!

But my take is, the boys’ reactions were GOOD! I mean, dinosaurs you know? Of course they should feel scared of these huge beasts! I am sure that they now have a very different feeling when they look at their toy dinosaurs! They now know how BIG dinosaurs were, not as big as elephants… or should that be as small as elephants?? And at least I know that if they do meet real dinosaurs, they would run away… not go up to have a closer look! Anyway, I had a good laugh!

We went to the Planet Shark exhibition two years back (Didi was only three months old!). It was very dark and though Kor Kor (21 months old then) wasn’t scared, I felt that there was nothing much to see (and yes, we took our time that time). Titans is different – I think it is suitable even for very young kids like Didi. Sigh, too bad it isn’t cheap, otherwise I would surely bring them again! (To conquer their fear? Lol.)

My paleontologists!

My paleontologists!

Towards the end of our sprint the dinosaurs exhibits, I was pleasantly surprised to come upon an area for the kids to experience dino-digging!

The last part of the exhibition was the Ice Age mammals. Just this one aisle though.

When we got home, Kor Kor headed for his toy dinosaurs straight away! Unfortunately he didn’t get to play with them for long as it was naptime and he was tired.

Not planning to do a dinosaur homelearning theme any time soon, as we have already done it before. But still, gotta make good use of our recent visit to the exhibition!

Left out our dino books with the dinos so that he would see them in the morning

Left out our dino books with the dinos so that he would see them in the morning

The Titans of the Past exhibition ends in Feb 2014. Click here for more info. Have fun!


The Snowy Day

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Winner of the Caldecott Medal, The Snowy Day celebrates the magic and boundless possibilities of the very first snowfall. Young Peter can’t wait to jump into his snowsuit and explore, for there are snowmen to build and snowballs to pack, and snowballs for carving a snow angel! (From the back cover)

No snow in Singapore, so we focused on the part about the tracks the boy made in the snow.

Learnt about the different tracks various animals make using the Animal Tracks game, and had a fun time making our own tracks!