Sticker Play

.. is pretend play too! I like to give the boys stickers of different scenarios, and listen to them spin a story as they paste the stickers. It is somewhat similar to them playing with masak masak cooking toys or a toy stethoscope, but less messy!

Of course, sticker play has the usual benefit of practising fine motor skills, as it is not always easy to peel off the smaller stickers or get the stickier ones to obediently leave the fingers and remain on the paper.

Recently, the boys have also started to combine their drawing/colouring with sticker play. What they usually do is they paste the stickers, telling a story as they go, and when they finish the stickers (they are only allowed one sheet of stickers each a day), they paint on the same piece of paper and elaborate on their stories.

Storytelling works the imagination, pasting the stickers works their fingers, two-in-one!


Colorforms with Arrow to The Sun

An expression of the universal myth of the hero-quest, this beautiful story also portrays the Indian reverence for the source of life: the Solar Fire. Vibrant full-color illustrations capture the boldness and color of Pueblo art. A Caldecott Medal Book.

The pictures are mostly combinations of various geometrical shapes, so I got the idea from the Caldecott resource book to let the boys play with different sizes of different shapes. And tata! – I have Colorforms! Bought it more than two years ago, cos when I came across it, I thought it was such a great thing for children to play with! It includes 350 shapes which attach to any glossy surface or each other – reusable of course. But it only comes with one play board.. then another lightbulb came on – I had previously laminated many sheets of construction paper of various colours for the boys to learn their shapes and colors and they could now use them as extra play boards! (See?? It’s good to have extra stuff squirreled away.. you never know when you would ‘need’ them for ’emergencies’!)

So, that was my plan – to bring the boys’ attention to the geometric combinations in the book, but I started off with free creation. THEN Kor Kor happened to glance at the book.. and he said he wanted to make an arrow like in the book! Fireworks went off in my heart.. he NOTICED! I didn’t even realise about the geometric stuff until I read the resource book 😛