Inline Skating Lessons At Inlinex

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Time flies. It has been half a year since the boys started lessons with Inlinex at Bedok Reservoir Park. After fifteen lessons, sadly, we have to stop our weekly lessons cos Kor Kor is starting primary school in the afternoon session and his usual weekday swimming and wushu classes will be moved to the weekend. (I already foresee attending one class each day of the weekend to be very tiring. Can’t imagine trying to squeeze in one more >.<)


The instructors are all young people, lively and energetic and they get along so well with all the children! My boys not only have fun learning inline skating, they also enjoy playing and bantering with the instructors. 

Each session, the students might get assigned to a different instructor, according to the number of students per level who turn up that session. This might seem less than ideal, but each student has a record book which indicates what he or she has learnt so far, so the instructor is able to provide guidance accordingly. And amazingly, I have been impressed with ALL the instructors my boys have tried! 

I also love the flexibility of the lessons – no need to commit to a fixed day or time. There are six timings every weekend, just show up at any one (or even more than one, if you wish!) Payment is for a term of five sessions, no penalty for missing lessons, no need to inform beforehand if you want to go for lesson. 

Inlinex also conducts inline skating classes at quite a few other venues, including an indoor one at The Riverwalk. Kor Kor is currently attending skateboarding lessons with them as he requested. And to make full use of our time, Didi is attending inline skating classes at the same place while Kor Kor learns skateboarding. 

  My biggest headache now is, there are only weekend classes at Bedok Reservoir Park, so HOW am I going to reunite my boys with the lovely instructors there??? 



StickerKid For The New School Year! 

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Just as Kor Kor’s venture into primary school was occupying my thoughts most of the time, I received an offer from StickerKid to try out their sticker labels. Timely, indeed! 

Once I placed the order via their website, the stickers arrived in the mail within the week. The ordering process was very convenient – you get to choose the font, size, background colour, logo, and immediately preview the stickers. 

And of course, once Kor Kor saw the stickers with his name, it was a sticking frenzy!

Specially shaped for shoes! such a great idea!





File folders…. everything!!


I received the Discover StickerKid pack of 94 stickers (60 small, 20 clothing, and 14 shoe). Seems quite sufficient for our needs so far : )

The small stickers are dishwasher- and microwave-able. (I don’t have a dishwasher YET but this will come in handy when I get one. Yes, when, not if.) And the clothing stickers can withstand hot water washes in the washing machine. (No need to wash separately, yay!)

What I like most is the customization and the easy care for these stickers… almost no special care needed. Which is great considering I have a lot more on my mind with the foray into formal school!

If you would also like to try the stickers, StickerKid is offering a 10% discount. Just use the code 10discountSGSTICKERKID when you order before 31 December 2015. 


When Mummy Is Sick… Updated Version!

On Sunday afternoon I started feeling unwell, headache and sore throat. Carried on in slow-mo, luckily there wasn’t much to do as it was a weekend and Hubby would buy dinner back. But by evening, I was feeling terrible. Was going to nap for 30 minutes before sending meimei to bed, then Hubby said he would do it and told me to go to bed. Yay! So, I slept from 7pm to 7.30am. (Of course I didn’t get up at 6am to prepare big breakfast… I am not a masochist!)

But, I was still not well in the morning, and Hubby had to go to work. Good thing was, after giving the kids a simple breakfast (bread with cheese and their morning milk), I lay down on the sofa and napped for two hours! The kids played on their own without disturbing me at all! This was so different from what happened exactly two years ago, heehee. Then I got up to serve lunch… which was the same as two years ago, LOL. Hurray for processed convenience food! #noguilt.

After lunch, it was their nap/quiet time, so I took another nap. Then it was time to go out for our afternoon appointment, luckily I was feeling better by then. Truly, it’s so much faster to recover when one gets sufficient rest! Thank you, Hubby and kids!

Didi made this for me amd kept asking me to lie down : )