Finally, Kitchen!

I have always admired pretty kitchens, like the one over at Mum in the Making. (Actually, not just her kitchen! Her whole house more like it.)

But you know, some people just don’t have the eye for decor… *hand up* Other than regretting not putting more thought into the decor when we bought the flat, I had no idea how I could possibly transform my kitchen. 

Until Kor Kor’s birthday this year. I was just trying my best to tidy and clean the house, and decided to buy a few new rugs for the kitchen. (Used to use old towels as rugs.)

That is when I realize that firstly, a few small touches are all that’s needed to give the kitchen a fresh look. And secondly, while I am envious of prettily done up places, my personal preference is for minimalist and uncluttered – I prefer to keep most things in the cabinets. 


A clock and a basket for bananas – which can’t really be kept in cabinets, right?

Actually, I do keep the basket back in the cabinet when we finish the bananas hee.

At the other end of the countertop is my chopping boards. That’s all

Minute changes, but it makes a great difference to how I feel while working in the kitchen. And given the proportion of time I (and thus the kids) spend here, a happy kitchen is important! 😀


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