Kor Kor Is In Primary One – No Regrets Unschooling

My homeschooled/unschooled firstborn is finally in primary school! Fortunately, despite this being his first time in formal school, he has been adjusting well. No problems sitting in class or paying attention (Didi is the dreamer….. oh no…) or making friends. As for buying food at the canteen or buying books at the bookshop, he was nervous at all but soon got used to it. 

Academics wise……. Haha, ok some issues with his handwriting at first. Torture for him, torture x 100 for me. Untidy, wrong strokes, didn’t erase cleanly, etc. But now, his teacher has praised him for neat work twice, heehee. Anyway, my bad la, didn’t do enough handwriting practice with him before school started. 

Just had his first Chinese spelling 听写。Didn’t do well, oops. I already guessed the outcome when revising with him, hanyu pinyin was the killer. Didn’t teach him any hanyu pinyin before this. 

So, most important question….. Do I regret homeschooling or unschooling him?   Am I going to start drilling Didi and Meimei earlier?? 

Definitely not! See, bad handwriting was corrected within two weeks. So why waste time takan-ing him earlier?? If he were younger when we started working on handwriting, I am sure it would have taken way longer than two weeks. Even worse, if his fingers and arms were not strong enough or ready to hold the pencil properly, it might cause long term damage. 

As for Chinese….. Sigh. Actually, I am quite sure he can read and recognize many more Chinese words than most other P1 students. Unfortunately, he is still weak in hanyu pinyin and that is the main thing being tested for now. So I just remind myself to think long term. One 听写 does not a Chinese scholar make. Or break. *determined*

Of course, it’s still early. Maybe I might regret it further down the road. Most importantly, Kor Kor does not dread going to school at all. He has got used to having to do homework. Yes, homework is stressful, academics is stressful, but I think it’s an appropriate amount of stress for a seven-year-boy. (Well, he is supposed to be seven this year…. just that he’s a year-end baby.) 

We shall strive on! Next update, our new routine!