Didi’s 4th Birthday Party

My kids get to have birthday parties only when they hit four years old, because they are too young to remember anyway before that, so why waste my efforts πŸ˜›

Before this, we celebrated Kor Kor’s 4th and 5th birthdays at home, with all the grandparents, aunts and uncles (3姑姑、3ε§‘δΈˆγ€θˆ…θˆ…γ€θˆ…ζ―γ€ι˜Ώε§¨). Very simple, just cooked some finger food and bought roast meat etc and had a family gathering. 

But a few months ago, we attended a birthday party held at Botanic Gardens and I was inspired! (Thanks, S!)

Didn’t plan to have a themed party at first…. Brought Didi to a party ware shop to choose some fancy paper plates and he chose Ironman and it sorta snowballed from there πŸ˜…

(By the way, the party packs at such shops are really a waste of money. Expensive and impractical. I excuse myself since it’s my first time, but in future I shall source for the goodie bag stuff myself!)


Internet is amazing. Can spot Didi’s face??


We went 2 hours in advance to ‘chope’ ‘this table! Sand playground right next to us : )

Brought some finger food, sandwiches and drinks. And a lot of sand toys for the cousins to share!


See the superheroes masks?? Ironman’s party will surely include his fellow Superheroes! Great buys from neighbourhood shop! And Super Kitty for Meimei and 2 other girls πŸ˜…

Birthday boy and brother running amok even before the guests arrive.


Our vast party space : )

I don’t like 3D inedible cakes… and Didi is happy enough with his cake!


Cutting cake at sunset

It was quite challenging to prepare food which could be transported around and to lug all the things there. And no guarantee we could get this table nearest the playground. And didn’t know whether the weather would be good especially as it had been raining in the afternoons recently. Luckily the weather was perfect! Even at 3pm it was not hot at all : )

But it also meant that we could easily change the venue to our house if it rained. Very near and no worries about wasted payment. The best part is when I saw all the cousins running around on the beautiful grass, chasing one another with the water guns and superhero weapons. I didn’t manage to capture it on camera, but the sunset in the background over the reservoir was gorgeous too. Hurray to outdoor time with loved ones! 


Most importantly, Happy Birthday, Baobei!



Didi Is Three!

Didi turned three years old a few days ago! I brought him to an indoor playground on the actual day, followed by a very simple celebration at home.

The cake is very small hor? Didi picked it out himself, because it’s the reddest among all the choices. No prize for guessing his favorite colour : )

Have a happy year, Darling!