We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

We watched this production which was part of the KidsFest, and I was impressed by the different use of sensory experiences as part of the performance.

In the story, the family went through quite a few terrains in their search for a bear. These terrains were ingeniously presented to the audience –

Long wavy grass: Curtains of green paper

Deep cold river: Pails of water for the performers to step into, and water guns which they sprayed mercilessly into the audience! REAL water in a theatre!

Big dark forest: Trees made of cardboard boxes

Snowstorm: Another of my favorites. Mainly used lighting effects. Something like a disco ball? Small round white patches of light, plus sound effects for wind, a very convincing snowstorm!

Thick oozy mud: Simple brown paint. We were inspired to do the same!



PLAYtime! is a series designed for audiences aged two to four, with the aim of nurturing their interest in performing arts. Toddlers in the audience will be encouraged to join in the narration with simple actions. Each presentation will aim at developing linguistic and physical awareness, while encouraging interaction and play with other members of the audience. We have been attending almost every one of the series since Kor Kor was not even two years old.

We attended the most recent Hello Adam this week. The story is about how the boy Adam plays and moves about at the playground. As with the previous PLAYtime! performances, the children were encouraged to join in with simple movements and songs. Frankly speaking, everytime I attended PLAYtime!, I felt like dozing off… But the kids were always captivated. Well, I guess the target audience is children after all 😛

Though PLAYtime! is recommended for children between two and four years old, I feel that it is suitable for older kids too. Kor Kor was totally engrossed during the previous performances, but it was during only the recent one that he really laughed out loud and enjoyed the performers’ antics and attempts to engage the kids.

I give PLAYtime! two thumbs up!