Didi’s 4th Birthday Party

My kids get to have birthday parties only when they hit four years old, because they are too young to remember anyway before that, so why waste my efforts πŸ˜›

Before this, we celebrated Kor Kor’s 4th and 5th birthdays at home, with all the grandparents, aunts and uncles (3姑姑、3ε§‘δΈˆγ€θˆ…θˆ…γ€θˆ…ζ―γ€ι˜Ώε§¨). Very simple, just cooked some finger food and bought roast meat etc and had a family gathering. 

But a few months ago, we attended a birthday party held at Botanic Gardens and I was inspired! (Thanks, S!)

Didn’t plan to have a themed party at first…. Brought Didi to a party ware shop to choose some fancy paper plates and he chose Ironman and it sorta snowballed from there πŸ˜…

(By the way, the party packs at such shops are really a waste of money. Expensive and impractical. I excuse myself since it’s my first time, but in future I shall source for the goodie bag stuff myself!)


Internet is amazing. Can spot Didi’s face??


We went 2 hours in advance to ‘chope’ ‘this table! Sand playground right next to us : )

Brought some finger food, sandwiches and drinks. And a lot of sand toys for the cousins to share!


See the superheroes masks?? Ironman’s party will surely include his fellow Superheroes! Great buys from neighbourhood shop! And Super Kitty for Meimei and 2 other girls πŸ˜…

Birthday boy and brother running amok even before the guests arrive.


Our vast party space : )

I don’t like 3D inedible cakes… and Didi is happy enough with his cake!


Cutting cake at sunset

It was quite challenging to prepare food which could be transported around and to lug all the things there. And no guarantee we could get this table nearest the playground. And didn’t know whether the weather would be good especially as it had been raining in the afternoons recently. Luckily the weather was perfect! Even at 3pm it was not hot at all : )

But it also meant that we could easily change the venue to our house if it rained. Very near and no worries about wasted payment. The best part is when I saw all the cousins running around on the beautiful grass, chasing one another with the water guns and superhero weapons. I didn’t manage to capture it on camera, but the sunset in the background over the reservoir was gorgeous too. Hurray to outdoor time with loved ones! 


Most importantly, Happy Birthday, Baobei!



Didi Can Cycle!

Time really flies, it has been almost a month since my last post! What have I been busy with… let’s see… hmm, nothing much actually, just the usual household chores, but somehow every night it’s just very late all of a sudden and it’s time to sleep, oops. I am trying to adjust our routine and my habits so that I have more time for self-care and hobbies, doing well thus far : )

And as of 18 January 2015, Didi has mastered cycling at 3 years 8 months old! It was actually very unexpected. A normal Sunday afternoon… I decided to be more diligent in teaching him to cycle… Brought the boys downstairs while Meimei was napping… And ta-ta, within five minutes, he was cycling!

I credit it 100% to the our balance bike Strider as Didi did not get much practice on a two-wheeler before this. But it’s not enough just to be able to balance on the bicycle – he gotta take care of the bicycle and start and stop by himself πŸ˜›

Cycling from Parkway Parade to East Coast Park means having to navigate the ramps. If cannot cycle up/down, you gotta push your bike yourself, baby.

Cycling from Parkway Parade to East Coast Park means having to navigate the ramps. If cannot cycle up/down, you gotta push your bike yourself, baby.

Having to actually travel from Point A to Point B is great practice (compared to just cycling around the void deck). Because you gotta get there somehow ok, there is no such thing as giving up.

Kor Kor isn’t that small and cute on his bicycle anymore haha. But he does still attract some attention when he zooms by on his bicycle. Then, the next moment, the same ‘spectators’ will go ‘oh, soooo cute’ when they see a mini-er cyclist behind, hee hee : )


Cute… Cuter….




One more to go!


Honey, I Brainwashed The Kids

Kor Kor loves to watch televsion, to play on the iPhone, to watch other people playing games, etc. But I don’t like the kids to spend time on such gadgets, especially since it’s bad for their eyes too.

A few months ago, we started letting the boys play on the iPhone for a while at night as part of our reward chart system. Now, the chores/habits we wanted to train are pretty much ingrained in the boys, but the iPhone has also become part and parcel of our nightly bedtime routine. I don’t begrudge them the 5-10 minutes lah, but I still want to let them know how I feel about it. So…

Me: “Can don’t play iPhone tonight?”

Boy: “Why? I want to play!”

Me: *disappointed look* OK… Just that I don’t want you to become stupid… Playing too much on the phone makes you stupid…”

In the beginning, the boys just went ahead and played anyway. But recently, usually just as I am finishing up their evening shower, they would tell me (separately) “Mummy, today I don’t want to play iPhone! Because I don’t want to become stupid!”

So nowadays, the norm is No More iPhone at night! Yay! An extra Hooray here because it means we cut 15 minutes off the bedtime routine, which means we have more time to read more books, or if it’s already late (after an outing), we can send the boys to bed earlier!

Of course I am ecstatic that the boys are giving up their iPhone allowance on their own accord. Just want to clarify for the record that I have nothing against iPhone games per se – it’s an individual choice, and ‘iPhone makes you stupid’ is just a very simplified way of explaining my preferences to the kids.

The thing here is, our words really have a lot of influence on our children. Even though I didn’t impose my preferences on them, didn’t make it sound like it’s a horrible thing, just expressed my opinion in a mild manner, they still took my advice in the end. And this is a big deal, cos iPhone time is a big deal to Kor Kor.. gosh, how many other ‘small-deal’ things in life are we influencing the children???