StickerKid For The New School Year! 

(Sponsored review)

Just as Kor Kor’s venture into primary school was occupying my thoughts most of the time, I received an offer from StickerKid to try out their sticker labels. Timely, indeed! 

Once I placed the order via their website, the stickers arrived in the mail within the week. The ordering process was very convenient – you get to choose the font, size, background colour, logo, and immediately preview the stickers. 

And of course, once Kor Kor saw the stickers with his name, it was a sticking frenzy!

Specially shaped for shoes! such a great idea!





File folders…. everything!!


I received the Discover StickerKid pack of 94 stickers (60 small, 20 clothing, and 14 shoe). Seems quite sufficient for our needs so far : )

The small stickers are dishwasher- and microwave-able. (I don’t have a dishwasher YET but this will come in handy when I get one. Yes, when, not if.) And the clothing stickers can withstand hot water washes in the washing machine. (No need to wash separately, yay!)

What I like most is the customization and the easy care for these stickers… almost no special care needed. Which is great considering I have a lot more on my mind with the foray into formal school!

If you would also like to try the stickers, StickerKid is offering a 10% discount. Just use the code 10discountSGSTICKERKID when you order before 31 December 2015.