Our First Visit to Labrador Park

We visited Labrador Park, or more accurately, Labrador Nature Reserve recently, and as it was my first visit too, I was pleasantly surprised by the tranquility of the park. I was having a flu and headache on the way there, but miraculously recovered when I saw the beautiful view of the sea and heard the soothing sounds of the waves. I happened to come across another blog which described Labrador Park very aptly, exactly what I felt and wanted to write, so I shall share it with you here –> Singapore Playground.


we did nothing much.. sat on the bench to admire the scenery..


.. took a stroll along the coast..

... danced as we walked!

… danced as we walked!


Playground seems quite new. Clean and well-maintained. And look at the lush greenness right behind!


Three slides in all, and they are all excitingly steep! Weeee..!


Climb climb climb : )

The sand at the playground is really soft and clean. I am definitely going to bring the kids’ sand toys along next time!

Didn’t manage to see any of the war relics today though. I didn’t plan properly and had no idea where they were. I think Labrador Nature Reserve has two main sides – the sea and the hill. Shall visit the hill side soon and update in a new post.


Big head shot!



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